Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to calculate stair steps?

Calculate the number of step of a staircase

You search a solution to easily calculate the number of step of a staircase.

Here's one: BricoCalculette !

BricoCalculette is a calculator dedicated to calculations for habitat. It allows you to simply perform many useful calculations in areas as diverse as carpentry, joinery or masonry. The Calculator: stairs calculates the number of staircase steps, height and setbacks of a straight staircase. It makes it easy to test different values for height and fold up the stairs without having to perform a time-consuming calculation.

The calculation takes into account the following constraints: the step height must be between 16 and 19 cm and the tread should be at least 24 cm to ensure ride comfort. By default, the calculation determines the value of setbacks but you can set this value so that only the step height is calculated.
Calculator: stairs replaces manual calculation which rarely lead to good results the first time.
In the case of manual calculation the number of steps does not necessarily fall right the first time. It is then rounded to the nearest then verify that no wake recalculated is always between 57 and 64 cm value. If this is not the case we must recalculate.
With calculator: Staircase, you will immediately get a good result or a message indicating a problem with your input values .
Make your calculations made easy for stairs with BricoCalculette !

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