Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cutting list software for woodworking

Looking for a cutting list software for woodworking

OPCutting software is both simple and powerful that will allow you to optimize your cutting list of panels, saving time and money by reducing unusable scraps of panels.

What is OPCutting?
it allows you to easily create lists of cutting and optimize the placement of the parts in the panels so as to limit the number of panels used.

OPCutting is designed for the professional of woodworking to be able to use it after a period of learning a few minutes.

The cutting list software OPCutting has already been adopted by more than 1,500 professionals of woodworking and cutting.

So feel free to download the trial version.

Here are some links that will provide information, videos and of course the ability to download and buy OPCutting:
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Video demonstrations OPCutting
Tutorial for creating a cutting list of woodworking
Purchase OPCutting

We talk about OPCutting:
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If you are looking for a cutting list software  to save time and reduce your purchase panels, then OPCutting is for you.

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