Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Excel for OPCutting

I work on an Excel application to create cutting lists that automatically generates files that can be imported into OPCutting beings:
This Excel application allows you to easily create and very flexible cutting lists and generate from these files to the format expected by OPCutting. These files enable OPCutting optimize the placement of items seized in the cutting lists, in the panels.
This application designed for use with OPCutting can also be used independently of it for the easy creation of cutting lists to suit your way of working that you can print and use in the workshop.
This application will not be free but as usual very cheap and is intended to facilitate the life and work of users OPCutting but also all those who regularly create and use cutting lists.

This application is developed with Excel 2003 and requires obviously to have Excel installed on their computer.

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