Thursday, November 8, 2012

Demonstration video for OPCutting the cutting optimization software

There is now a page to comment on the video "Creating a simple cutting plan" with the software OPCutting. This video and commentary help you to understand in a few minutes the main features of the cutting optimization software with a very simple example for cutting wood in order to quickly achieve your first cutting optimization. You can even train you, such as reuse of video.
Here is the link to the video
Here is the link to the video comment

Here are some links that will allow you to obtain information on the use of OPCutting:
OPCutting's user guide
OPCutting's FAQ

We talk about OPCutting on the web:
OPCutting on ConcreteDev
OPCutting on
OPCutting on Trguwhks

Other articles about OPCutting on WoodSoft:
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