Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Soon, a new version of OPCutting

I would put in a few weeks online version 1.1 of OPCutting the cutting optimization software.
This version will bring several improvements such as:
- A list of designations of pieces which is used to select pieces designations rather than having to re-enter it each time.
- The display and printing of lines cut.
- The viewing, printing and export of the list cutting waste.
- Improved navigation in the input panels and pieces.
- The value of the margin and the thickness of the saw cut filled in by default and configurable options.
- The automated feeding and customizable lists of species, designations and dimensions when importing cutting lists. OPCutting automatically adds the values ??that are present in these lists from data contained in the cutting list if you wish.
- Automatic detection of cutting list for optimization of cuttings of bars when importing cutting list.

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