Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Excel cut list application

I just put online an Excel cut list application for creating lists of cuts that can interface with OPCutting to allow you to create your cutting lists and optimize them even faster.

This application is called ExcelToOPCutting and allow the professional wood cutting and increase productivity as well used alone, as used in conjunction with OPCutting.

Here are some features of version 1.0:
  • Fast and easy creation of cut lists.
  • Generation of file of cut lists to import into OPCutting.
  • Selection of unit of measurement.
  • Possibility to print cut lists for use in the workshop.
  • Easy configuration to fit the needs of the user.
So feel free to download the trial version.

Here are some links that will allow you to obtain information on the use of ExcelToOPCutting for creating cut lists:
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