Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carpentry Software

Carpentry Software

This list includes the software provided by me dedicated to woodworking or in connection with it. Its purpose is to allow professionals or hobbyists to do with carpentry work easier to find any software that can help them.

: download shareware that allows for optimization of cutting rectangular regardless of the type of panels. OPCutting meets the needs of carpenters cutting.
This software is classified as: Calculation of cutting list for a carpenter.

See the demo video for the design of a cutting list of panels


BricoCalculette : download shareware that allows for 40 types of calculations and conversions useful in many different areas of habitat, crafts, crafts and including carpentry.
This software is classified as:  Carpentry calculator.

ExcelToOPCutting is a Excel application for easy capture of cutting lists that is simple and intuitive. It allows you to create easily and very flexible cutting lists and generate from these files to the format expected by OPCutting.

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