Thursday, October 13, 2011

Find my software in Youtube

Find OPCutting (cutting optimization software) on youtube. Learn to optimize your cuts wood on youtube.

This video shows you how to create a panel cutting optimization (simplified mode) with OPCutting.

  1. The video starts by showing you the panels and parts to be used in the cutting plan. List of available panels in stock and list of parts to be cutting up.
  2. The video continues by showing you how to select a type of simplified cutting plan (simple cutting plan).
  3. The video continues by showing you how to select your panels for your cutting plan. Selection of the panels used. Changing the dimensions proposed by default. Creating a new panel format.
  4. The video continues by showing you how to select parts of your cutting plan. Selection of the pieces. Entering the dimensions of the parts. Entering the number of parts. Selecting the grain direction.
  5. Determination of padding space added around each part (facilitates two-stage cutting) and cutting thickness.
  6. Display schemas representing of the diagram showing the cutting plan obtained after optimization.
  7. Visualization of diagrams showing the parts contained in the cutting list.
  8. Display the cut list.
For more information about the OPCutting the cutting optimization software, you can view the manual online, the frequently asked questions and the description of the software.

Find BricoCalculette on youtube. Learn to calculate your tile needs on youtube.

1 calculation of the area to be covered by the tiles. This is a complex surface and must use different modules to calculate the surface.
2 calculation of the amount of tiles according to the value calculated from the surface before and dimensions of the tiles.

With BricoCalculette, you do not have to know the geometric formula or use a piece of paper to calculate the surfaces of your room to be tiled. Using collaboration modules, you can calculate how much tile you need in one process.

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